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Unreal Camera Tracking Tests


Control! You are on a closed set, the worries of the outside world are left outside.  In conjunction with either Unreal Engine Gaming Technology or a Playout Solution such as Watchout you can quickly change camera setups and background plates, set extentions, shoot with multiple cameras, and alter or change locations in real-time and much more!  Production and post-production costs are reduced dramatically when you factor-in your ability to shoot multiple locations, in repeatable environments, without company moves. Your creativity is virtually limitless!



What can it do for you?

Simply put, virtually anything!  Remmet Studios is excited to be a part of the future of filmmaking, including specializing in Virtual Car Process production.  Imagine driving your vehicle onto the stage in the morning and driving out in the afternoon with fully composed in-camera footage. We are also excited to offer the best pricing anywhere in Los Angeles.



Traditionally the process of shooting moving vehicles involves a picture car being towed by another vehicle. In recent decades, this process has been refined for use with a green screen. While both methods work, they each pose their own unique challenges. Shooting practically on surface streets can be costly, requires permitting, and creates other logistical hurdles as well as potential safety issues, and shooting on green screen requires expert lighting as well as a composite artist to key out the green and re-introduce reflection and other key details into the final comp.



Remmet Studios utilizes Unilumen 2.6mm Indoor LED tiles and processes images using Novastar UHD Jr for full frame 4k rendering. We are also proud to introduce as our in-house technology partner Flex Visuals.  Flex Visual is a solutions provider for AV multimedia technologies. They offer a wide range of services that includes software development, systems integration, Dataton Watchout programming, design, production and technical assistance.

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