Terms of Service

Reservations, Billing & Cancellations

    1. All reservations are made on a “first come, first served” basis.  Inquiries and/or requests to hold space and/or property whether written or verbal does not constitute a binding reservation. Your reservation is considered “locked” & binding upon the issuance of your invoice for said reservation & payment is received in full.
    2. Payment is due upon the signing of this agreement. Reservations made without proper payment are subject to cancellation.
    3. A security deposit may be required depending on the requirements of your production.  This is at the sole discretion of the studio manager.  See Studio Manager for details.
    4. Remmet Studios reserves the right to refuse reservations at its sole discretion.
    5. Remmet Studios will accept, cash, personal check, cashier’s check, money orders, Discover, Visa, Master Card & American Express. Credit card users will pay a service charge of 4%
    6. Fee for returned checks is: $100.00.


    7. Location releases will only be signed upon submission of payment in full.
    8. Remmet Studios cannot and will not market, book, or accept back-up reservations for your studio when you make a reservation. Therefore, Remmet Studios does not allow for cancellations. All payments made pursuant to this agreement are non-refundable & non-transferable.


    9. In extreme or unforeseen circumstances, especially in situations related to safety, Remmet Studios may cancel a Client’s reservation. In the very rare instance that this occurs, the Client will receive a full refund of any monies paid to date for that reservation, and Remmet Studios shall have no further legal or financial obligation to the Client.

General Usage & Responsibility


    1. The list price of $1,500.00 is based on the studio hours of operation which are 7am-8pm, 7 days a week. Earlier start & later end times can be arranged and are based upon availability. Additional fees & restrictions may apply. See Studio Manager for details.
    2. You will also be responsible for a one-time COVID cleaning fee in the amount of $250 per production.
    3. Any and all areas outside of the actual stage floor are considered “common” areas.  Throughout the common areas we have signs, fire extinguishers, monitors, placards, décor and other items affixed to walls and doors.  At no time may any of these items be removed, covered, or in any way modified without the consent of the Studio Manager.  The walls in the common areas are not to be drilled into or any way altered without the consent of the Studio Manager.
    4. Remmet Studios does not issue film permits or carry any sort of blanket permit.  It is the Client’s responsibility to obtain all permits necessary for filming.
    5. Remmet Studios provides refrigerators in each studio and will only allow coolers to be used outside of the building.
    6. Within some common areas of the studio are LCD monitors.  These monitors are not to be altered, disconnected, or tethered to any other sources other than those provided by the studio.
    7. Remmet Studios will provide clean studios and freshly stocked restrooms upon entry of your first day of production.  For productions spanning more than one day, the upkeep, restock and general maintenance of the restrooms and studio space will be your responsibility. It is the responsibility of the Client to make sure all surfaces are clean, the floors are vacuumed and free from debris, all garbage is removed and the contents of standing and/or kit sets are as they were issued. Fee schedule is as follows: Set/studio redress $100/hr. (1hr minimum), general cleaning $100/hr. (1hr minimum).
    8. It the Client’s responsibility to protect flooring surfaces. To avoid additional fees please utilize layout board and/or any other protective covering whenever possible.  Fee schedule is as follows: Studio 5 VCT flooring $950, carpet cleaning any studio $500, green screen floor repaint $650.
    9. We provide dumpsters at no cost as a courtesy to our Clients.  These dumpsters are for “everyday” trash.  No construction materials may be disposed of in these dumpsters.  It is the Client’s responsibility to properly dispose of their construction debris.  Clients disposing of construction debris will be billed $300.00 per dumpster utilized.
    10. Any crew utilizing adhesives of any sort, is responsible for its removal.  The adhesive you choose should “leave no trace”.  Any traces of adhesive use will result in additional cleaning fees – to be assessed based upon the difficulty of removal and/or damage left by the adhesive.
    11. Access to the onsite workshop as well as building materials including but not limited to lumber, door, windows, trim, flats, and sets jacks requires permission of Studio Manager. Additional fees may apply.
    12. Clients, Cast & Crew may park only in spots designated by Remmet Studios. Violators may be ticketed and/or towed without notice.
    13. Remmet Studios has limited parking space in its front & rear parking lots & therefore cannot guarantee parking accommodations for everyone on site. Remmet Studios does have exclusive access to additional paid parking through its relationships with neighboring businesses and can at the Client’s request arrange for parking on behalf of the Client.  The availability and use of these parking lots are at the sole discretion of the lot owners and its use or non-use by the Client will have no bearing on the Client’s responsibility to fulfill the terms of this contract. If at any time and for any reason a parking lot owner revokes and/or denies parking lot access, the Client shall be refunded only the remaining balance for parking and parking lot security (if applicable) for which they have paid. Remmet Studios offers this service at no charge therefore we offer no warranties and are hereby discharged of any and all liability other than what is mentioned above. Loss of parking lot access regardless of cause will have no bearing on the Client’s responsibility to fulfill the financial and legal obligations of this contract.
    14. While street parking is available in & around Remmet Studios, the City & County of Los Angeles considers film crew usage of street parking to be “high impact” on the community. Therefore Clients, Cast & Crew that park on the street without proper permitting do so at their own risk.
    15. All parking areas on the Remmet Studios property are considered “active loading zones” and therefore Clients, Cast & Crew park at their own risk.  We are not responsible for, and assume no liability for any damage to or theft of vehicles and their contents.



    1. Safety on set is the responsibility of the Client.  Please adhere to all known safety standards, as well as maintain proper fire lanes at all times.
    2. Remmet Studios reserves the right to halt and/or shutdown production at any time due to safety concerns or property destruction. This will occur only after a written warning has been issued. No refund will be issued for productions that are shut down due to improper and/or negligent safety practices or destruction of Remmet Studios’ property.
    3. The Client shall not tamper with or disable smoke detectors, move fire extinguishers or block emergency exits at any time.
    4. Access to storage lofts in all studios is strictly prohibited.  For access please see Studio Manager.
    5. At no time can electric runs be made from any office, green room, restroom and/or hallway to feed equipment on the stage.
    6. Smoking is prohibited at all times inside the building. However, after proper notice is given to the Stage Manager, smoking is permitted by actors, as part of a legitimate “scene” being filmed. After the scene is complete, reasonable attempts should be made by crew to immediately ventilate the set and the studio. Casual smoking is allowed only in designated areas in the front and rear studio lots – at least 10 feet from the building.
    7. There are no pets allowed in Remmet Studios at any time.  Assistive animals and/or animals to be used in a production may be allowed with written permission of the Studio Manager.

Props & Furniture Usage


    1. Clients may access to our prop warehouse and everything contained therein free of charge. However, as a condition of this free access, Client acknowledges that there are no conditions, warranties, representations or other promises, express or implied, that are binding on Remmet Studios with respect to props.
    2. Furnishings, wall art, plants or any other items located in the common areas of studio i.e. not originating from the prop warehouse are not to be removed from their respective locations.
    3. Props and furnishings are available on a first come first served basis & Remmet Studios reserves the right to restrict or deny access to the prop warehouse at any time for safety or property destruction issues.
    4. Modifications of any kind to any prop and/or furnishing may not be made without approval of the Studio Manager.


    5. Client shall be responsible for the full replacement cost to any & all lost, damaged or stolen items regardless of its previous condition. It is the Client’s responsibility to inspect each item.  You must report questions on condition or report damage before an item leaves the prop house.
    6. It is the responsibility of the Client to pick out all props they would like to utilize on their set(s). Clients must first request the assistance and approval of the Stage Manager before accessing any of our restricted storage areas or any items that pose safety risks due to weight, size, or location on storage racks.  These item numbers must be submitted to the Studio Manager no later than 24 hours before your scheduled start time.  These items will be delivered to your stage for your safety and convenience.
    7. Remmet Studios does NOT include set dressing in its rental price unless requested by the Client with the exception of kit sets and/or standing sets.  These sets will be dressed as shown. Please contact the Studio Manager for more information regarding set dressing fees and options.

      Special Effects

    8. Clients who wish to use any special effects that simulate fire, or present a fire risk must apply for the proper permits, employ the proper safety precautions and obtain written consent of the Studio Manager.
    9. Effects including but not limited to dry snow, glitter, confetti, fake blood, fake vomit and any and all other materials that may pose of risk of permanent damage or staining, may be used only with the written consent of the Studio Manager.  It is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Studio Manager of the inclusion of these effects. Requests to utilize these effects will typically be granted, so long as adequate cleanup measures are incorporated into the request and the Client agrees that the effect “leaves no trace”.
    10. Clients using any of the above listed items may be required to submit an additional cleaning deposit.
    11. Any Client that does not notify the Studio Manager regarding the use of any of the above mentioned items and is discovered to be using or having been used will be automatically assessed a $500.00 charge plus any fees associated with repaint, re-upholster or re-conditioning of the facility due to the damage caused by said use – which will be immediately charged to the credit card on file.

Security, Emergencies & Shutdowns

    1. If a production is shut down by Remmet Studios management or any legal governing body due to Client’s uncured material breach of this agreement, the Client is responsible for the balance owed, to be immediately paid in full.
    2. In the event of any medical emergency or incident that requires the assistance of a medical professional, an incident report must immediately be completed by a member of the Client’s production team as well as a Studio representative.
    3. Any fees, fines, citations, and/or assessments issued to Remmet Studios as a result of a Client’s negligence and/or refusal to obey any local, state and/or federal laws will be billed directly to the Client, and is the full responsibility of the Client.
    4. Clients whose reservation spans multiple days may elect to leave equipment and/or other property in the studio or on the lot.  Please be aware that you do so at your own risk.  Remmet Studios is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged while on or in the property.

Design/Build Services

  1. For any project requiring a custom build or alteration to an existing set and/or studio, Remmet Studios will provide schematics and detailed notes as well as pricing.  It is the responsibility of the Client to review and ensure accuracy of all plans.
  2. Any and all changes to custom design plans must be made in writing.  There are no verbal agreements as a part of design/build services at Remmet Studios.
  3. Remmet Studios may at its sole discretion sub-contract any or all parts of its design/build services.
  4. Any production utilizing or building custom-built sets not provided by Remmet Studios and/or sets provided by a third party may be subject to additional daily rental fees. Client must contact Studio Manager for more approval for third-party set builders.
  5. In the event any legal action is commenced for the enforcement of this agreement by Remmet Studios or the rights and duties in relation thereto, in addition to whatever relief as may be granted by the court, the Client is responsible for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of such legal action. The Client hereby agrees that legal action brought against Remmet Studios must be done so in the City and County of Los Angeles, in the State of California.
  6. Remmet Studios agrees to provide equipment in good working order, but makes no special guarantees as to said equipment’s functionality or suitability to Client’s purposes. Remmet Studios is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the shoot/session/event, including but not limited to power outages, dangerous weather or emergencies.
  7. Remmet Studios may make changes to the information contained on its website or the products and services described on its website at any time. Remmet Studios reserves the right to make changes to its Terms of Service agreement as well as any and all other policies at any time, without notice and without Client consent.

The undersigned agrees that the aforementioned terms of this document are intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of California and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the remaining language shall, not withstanding, continue in full legal force and effect. Your signature below constitutes a full understanding of, and agreement to all aforementioned terms and conditions. If you are signing this agreement on behalf of another individual and/or organization you acknowledge that you are authorized to do so.