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Studio Two of Remmet Studio Productions has a total area of 2340 sq. with its own Podcast studio of about 341 sq. ft. It also has 3 restrooms, 2 greenrooms, and its own Craft Service Area for basic food preparation.



Description Area
Usable Space 2340 sq. ft
Podcast Studio 341 sq. ft.
Restrooms 3 (one with a shower)
Greenrooms 2
Cafeteria/Craft Service Area 1 (32 seats, fridge, microwave)
Main Ceiling Height 15.4 ft. high point, 14.2 ft. low point
Lighting Grid Height 12.6 ft (floor to grid)
Stage Power  
     Front (8) 20A 120V
     Rear (13) 20A 120V
(1) 30A 240V (L6-30)
(1) 30A 120/208/240 3-phase
100A 3-phase Cam-lok: (2) 100A 120V Bates, (1) 100A 208V


Studios in film production serve as the base of operations for the production team. They provide a controlled environment for filming, editing, and post-production work. They typically include sound stages, editing suites, and other facilities where filming can take place and equipment can be stored. The studio is where the majority of the production work takes place, and where all the elements of the film come together before being distributed to the public.

Studios can be owned by major Hollywood studios such as Warner Bros., Disney, and Universal, or by independent production companies such as Remmet Studios. Some studios also offer tours for the public to visit and see how movies and TV shows are made.

Studio Two Layout


Control Room:  Turn-key solution for Vehicle Process and Virtual Locations, Powered by WATCHOUT.

Pre-Lit Green Screen cyc:  39×12

 3 LED Wall Configuration – Unilumin 2.6mm Upad IV V2 Tiles:  Built-in main Wall: 24.6’ x 13.1’ (Aspect Ratio 1.875:1) 2x Rolling Fly-in Walls 13.1 x 8.2’ (Aspect Ratio 1.6:1)

LED Bowie Eyes
Green screen cyclorama studio in Los Angeles, California
Studio monitors