Our Story

2021 marks the start of our 9th year and our 1200th production. We continue our commitment to providing the cleanest and most value-driven production space available.

With four sound stages, Remmet Studios specializes in a wide array of authentic and ever changing “standing sets” and “set kits” perfect for principle shooting as well as b-roll and pick-ups.

To give your set its own look, Remmet Studios features a 3000+ sq. ft. prop warehouse. We offer a large selection of furnishings in all major categories including office, home, institutional, and commercial.

We also have a wide variety of artwork, lamps, office equipment, window coverings, drapes, rugs, artificial plants and accessories of all kinds.

Remmet Studios is pleased to offer all of our props at no cost to our clients including our furniture pieces, and our dozens of flats of varying styles and sizes including, brick, corrugated steel, windows, doors and much more. You can mix and match all of our inventory with our “set kits” or our “standing sets” if you have a production that requires a truly unique look.

Remmet Studios also provides raw studio space perfectly suited for the assembly and setup of custom sets and/or stages. If you like, we can also provide in-house design and build services for all your custom set needs.

And finally, Remmet Studios also features a 40’ green screen complete with a full lighting grid. We are pleased to bid for gear-packages and technical crew services.

With everything in place at Remmet Studios, all you need to bring is your creativity