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Remmet Studios is committed to providing the cleanest and most value driven production space available. We specialize in a wide variety of authentic and ever changing “standing sets” and “kit sets” perfect for principle shooting as well as b-roll and pick-ups. To give your set its own look Remmet Studios has a 3000+ sq. ft. prop warehouse. We carry a wide variety of furnishings ranging from office, home, institutional and commercial. We also have a wide variety of artwork, lamps, window coverings, drapes, rugs, artificial plants and much more! We also have dozens of flats of varying styles and sizes including, brick, corrugated steel, windows, doors and much more. Feel free to mix and match all of this with our “standing sets” if you have a production requiring a truly unique look. Remmet Studios also offers a raw studio space including a 40’ green screen. Our raw studio space is perfectly suited for the building and setup of custom sets and/or stages. For custom sets, stages or build outs Remmet Studios can also provide clients with in-house design and build services. With everything you need in one place, all you need to bring is your creativity!

Latest News

» Nov 11, 2015 - twitter
Congratulations to @deinstitutional https://t.co/JBeG1SujoV
Produced and Directed by the talented crew at Deinstitutionalized, all interiors for this film were shot inside Remmet Studios. Read on for movie synopsis. “On New Year’s Eve, seven friends visit a ski lodge to celebrate the New Year. But before midnight can strike, they are systematically hunted down by a group of demented masked […]
» Oct 03, 2015 - twitter
Michael Gross Speaks the Truth About Burt Gummer and Tremors 5 http://t.co/lymTIb136R via @dreadcentral
» Oct 03, 2015 - twitter
Proud to have had Michael here at Remmet on 3 projects! CHECK OUT Tremors 5 Star Michael Gross Exclusive Interview http://t.co/yZnLj0mvqs
» Aug 31, 2015 - twitter
Atticus Shaffer teams up with educators to foster patriotism in classrooms across the country. https://t.co/ZIvrbSIPhp #BootsOn
Atticus Shaffer, The 17-year-old star of ABC’s The Middle teamed up to support the groundbreaking educational program, which is aimed at helping teachers and educators foster patriotism in classrooms across the country. “Patriot League is an inspiring way to learn about our nation as a whole, to educate ourselves about the qualities of patriotism, and […]
Caught in a battle between Allied and German Forces, the passengers of a modern day 757 fight to stay alive after their plane mysteriously travels back in time to 1940. In their desperation to stay alive and return home safely, they manage turn the tide that wins the war in Europe. Starring Faran Tahir, Aqueela […]
Summer’s Here and School’s Out…for Everyone but Zeus! When former police K-9 dog Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) accidentally destroys an important party, the Bannister family decides to send him to obedience school. Meanwhile, a familiar trio of bumbling burglars (Dean Cain of “Lois & Clark,” Patrick Muldoon of “Days of Our Lives” and Joey […]