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Remmet Studios is committed to providing the cleanest and most value driven production space available. We specialize in a wide variety of authentic and ever changing “standing sets” and “kit sets” perfect for principle shooting as well as b-roll and pick-ups. To give your set its own look Remmet Studios has a 3000+ sq. ft. prop warehouse. We carry a wide variety of furnishings ranging from office, home, institutional and commercial. We also have a wide variety of artwork, lamps, window coverings, drapes, rugs, artificial plants and much more! We also have dozens of flats of varying styles and sizes including, brick, corrugated steel, windows, doors and much more. Feel free to mix and match all of this with our “standing sets” if you have a production requiring a truly unique look. Remmet Studios also offers a raw studio space including a 40’ green screen. Our raw studio space is perfectly suited for the building and setup of custom sets and/or stages. For custom sets, stages or build outs Remmet Studios can also provide clients with in-house design and build services. With everything you need in one place, all you need to bring is your creativity!

Latest News

This hilarious commercial spoof titled “Doctors for Dollars” was produced for a segment of HBO’s television show “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver.
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Do you some times feel like the people you work with are "pigs"? Disney in house today. http://t.co/Yv6XQUXPrq
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Fathead is the only source for officially licensed life-size wall graphics and more.
Fathead is the only source for officially licensed life-size wall graphics and more.
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Happy Holidays from the Cobra Kai! Pleasure meeting Martin Kove and William Zabka on set today http://t.co/kkJbzogtuX
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See Sarah Silverman promoting Equal Wages for Women shot here @RemmetStudios NSFW http://t.co/lnNptRL9CY
Tim Heidecker and Angelo’s Mom square off in the highly anticipated chili cook off showdown. Produced for the JASH YOUtube network and filmed on location at Remmet Studios. Jash features original content by partners Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, and Reggie Watts, JASH is the first fully realized network to offer all its […]